School: Más an Easa (B.) (roll number 14775)

Masiness, Co. Donegal
Prionnseas Mac Carraigh

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Articles Found Buried in Bogs and in the Earth in the District

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1075, Page 120

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Ancient Articles found buried in bogs.
Articles found in bogs and in sand - pits in this locality, some recently, and some many years ago.
(Written by F. McCarry, teacher in Massinass school.)
In 1935, a family named McGee of Kildarragh, while cutting turf near the foot of Muckish Mountain, found a wooden article made of bog - fir or oak. It resembled a wooden plough, but had only one handle which bore traces of carving. It was about six feet long. A space was cut out of the base, as if some piece of iron had been inserted in it.
They threw it on the turf - bank, and as it was a very hot day it quickly cracked and split up, and fell apart.
No one who saw it could give any guess as to what it was used for unless it was some form of a one - handled plough.
In the same bank in 1930 they found a firkin of butter. It was made of the bark of trees plaited together. When it was exposed to the air it fell apart, and the butter went into dust. Previously another vat of butter had been in the same spot.

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F. Mc Carry