School: Más an Easa (B.) (roll number 14775)

Masiness, Co. Donegal
Prionnseas Mac Carraigh

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1075, Page 108

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Cures for Animals. These are still practised in this district.
Cures for Mail in Cows.
1. Boiled Goldenrod
2. If a cow can swallow a living frog, it is supposed also to cure this disease.

When a cow gets sick, and fails away she is supposed to be "shot" by the fairies. Then she is measured by the hand from the tail to the nose three times. If you get a different number of hand-breadths each time, then she is regarded as "shot". To cure her pass a burning coal over and under her body three times in the name of the Trinity. A piece of cloth taken from the clothes of the person who first noticed her ill, is then burned under her nose, and she will then get better.

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