School: Grianán Ailigh (roll number 2049)

Grianan of Aileach, Co. Donegal
Niall S. Mac Aoidh

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Grianán Ailigh | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1108, Page 186

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are set on top of the manure about a foot apart. Then the drill is lifted with the manure and cuts in its heart and the potatoes are sown. A few days later the top of the drills are graped slightly off so that the potato stews will be above the ground.
About the beginning of June the drills are grubbed and the grass is gathered and the drills are renewed. When July comes the tops are sprayed to protect it from the blight. In August the tops decay and the potatoes are ripe for digging. Then the spade gets busy and indeed this is a very busy time fir the farmer. Some of the spades are hand-made and some are bought in his shop. Now-a-days nearly all hand-made

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Philomena Mac Grath
Castlecooly, Co. Donegal