School: Grianán Ailigh (roll number 2049)

Grianan of Aileach, Co. Donegal
Niall S. Mac Aoidh

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Grianán Ailigh | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1108, Page 165

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by. The wren said "it did" and told them about the robin, all it did and this was our Lord betrayed. Ever after that nobody liked the wren.
When St Stephen was going to be stoned to death he fled away. While he was fleeing he met a man on his way who stopped him and told him that he was a coward unless he would go back. Stephen went back and was stoned to death. That man he met was out Lord. Ever after that nobody denyed not their faith but stood up to it.
On the day before our Lord was born, St Joseph and the blessed Virgin were up in Jerusleum paying taxes to the king. On their way home, night fell and they went about looking for lodgings. They came to this house, the man agreed to let them in

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Catherine Taylor
Bohullion Lower, Co. Donegal