School: Damastown (roll number 12327)

Damastown, Co. Dublin
Delia Wilson
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0787, Page 204

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0787, Page 204

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  1. Streamers from the sun are a sign of rain and so is a ring close round the moon, but if the halo is far out from the moon it is a sign of a storm. When a new moon appear on its back or when the old moon can be seen through it bad weather is indicated when the moon seems very far away we will have fine weather. Red clouds in the west at sunset are a sign of fine weather. A grey morning makes a fine day.
    The evening grey, the morning red,
    The ewe and lamb go wet to bed
    The evening red and the morning grey
    Get up old farmer and draw your hay
    A rainbow appears when the rain is clearing It is a better sign of the weather to see the rainbow in the east than in the south. A mackerel sky is a sure sign of rain. Hills look near when rain is coming. When Lambay looks near rain is near.
    The cows are beside the gap when you go to bring them home and the sheep huddle together before frost. When the cat sits with her back to the fire it is a sign of rain. When she washes behind her ears, or when she
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