School: Gartan (roll number 13755)

Bellville or Gartan, Co. Donegal
Nóra Ní Dhuibhe

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The Following Are Considered Unlucky in this Locality

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1072, Page 331

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Breaking a looking-glass. Hitting a cow with a branch of heather.
Cleaning out the byre by lamp-light. Taking into the house a sprig of hawthorn in bloom.
Meeting a red-haired woman before meeting anyone else, when going to a fair. Shooting swans.
Brushing the house after dark, and throwing the dust outside.
Bringing wood-anemone into the house during the month of May.
Cutting trees which grow in the middle of fields.
Rocking the cradle when the child is not in it.
Throwing out dish-water at night.
Beginning to cut turf on Saturday.
Turning back for something forgotten when going on a journey.
Being born on Whit-Sunday.
Letting a child see its face in the

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David Bovaird
Carrowtrasna, Co. Donegal