School: Gartan (roll number 13755)

Bellville or Gartan, Co. Donegal
Nóra Ní Dhuibhe

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1072, Page 329

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Crows flying low, and in the form of a circle foretell bad weather.
There is a storm drawing near, if the cat sits with her back to the fire. When the dog eats grass, it is a sign of a storm.
If smoke goes up straight into the air, the weather following will be good. When ducks flap their wings, there is a wind storm drawing near.If the rocks shine, a rain storm is near.
When the dog rolls on his back, a wind storm is coming. Bad weather is at hand if wild-geese fly inland. If the fly sea-ward, good weather follows.
When a cat scratches a pole with her claws, we know rain is coming. It is a sign of bad weather if the cows play when coming home. A ring round the moon foretells rain. When crickets fly about, a storm is near.

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David Bovaird
Carrowtrasna, Co. Donegal