School: Lochmuice (roll number 16556)

Loughmuck, Co. Donegal
Áine M. Ní Fhuathaigh

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Lochmuice | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1050, Page 27

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a tháinig chuig Gleannfhinne agus a thug grádh do Ghráinne Ní Mhaoidhe a bhí in a comhnuidhe i Mín na Gualann fán am. Tá sí pósta anois ar Mháighistir Chéitinn. Chuidigh duine de na Maoidhigh le P.Ó Tiomanaidhe an dá dhán seo a dhéanamh.)

In blooming spring when warblers sing, and lambkins sport and play
To view this kind nature's charms I carefully did stray
Through Tirchonaill's glens and valleys my bicycle did spin
Till I saw this fair enchanted spot that lies in fair Glenfinn.

To describe these lovely sceneries and beauties most sublime
It was my whole intention, in prose likewise in rhyme
But alas like one enchanted I dropped my feeble pen
When I met this gracious fair one whose smiles light up Glenfinn.
It was cruel fate that tempted me those beauties to explore
I never thought that Cupid's dart woukd pierce me to the core
I was so free and happy I knew no guile or sin
Till I met this charming fair one whose smiles light up Glenfinn.
When I lie on my pillow to (gasp) in calm upose
In dreams her form haunts me whenever my eyes do close
I think I hear the melodious voice in every sound and din
Of the kind and gracious fair one whose smiles light up Glenfinn.

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Áine M. Ní Fhuathaigh