School: Cronaghbois (roll number 2658)

Crannogeboy, Co. Donegal
Criostóir Ó Beirn

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The Magic Pin

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1048, Page 410

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Once upon a time there lived all by themselves a mother and her son. The mother complained that she was getting old and unable to do the work of the house. She urged her son to marry.
One night he went out in search of a woman. When he reached the road he said "In God's name" and turning to the "I will go this road". He had not gone far until it began to rain. He took shelter under a bush. While he was there he saw a crowd of little folk coming down the road each on horseback.
The last horse carried two riders and one of them was a young girl they had stolen. The young man ran and caught hold of the girl and the fairies disappeared.
He brought her home to his

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Patrick Shovlin
Ardara, Co. Donegal