School: Niall Mór (roll number 11843)

Killybegs, Co. Donegal
B. Mac Niallghuis

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Bruckless Drowning

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1039, Page 315

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Bruckless Drowning;- On the 13th February 1813 a very sad happening occurred in Bruckless Bay. It was the drowning of crews of fishermen which consisted of eighty men.
It was one calm, moonlight night and they were out looking at their nets and the young boys were singing and enjoying themselves and the old men smoking when all of a sudden a great storm arose and the boats capsized and most of the men were drowned.
A few men from this locality were saved because they all the creeks. The men who were drowned were from Teelin, Fintragh and Mullac-mor.
This how the great storm arose. On a little hill over looking Bruckless there stood a little cottage and an old witch and her daughter lived there with another woman. The witche's name was Katie Deveney and one [day?] she went down to the shore and asked the men for a few fish.
They refused to give her any as they did not like the old hag. Next day she sat on the little hill until she saw the fishermen out and she went down to her home and got a tub and filled it with water and left it outside the house.
Then she went into the house and got a basin and she put it floating on the water in the tub. Then she came back into the house and began to work magic. After a few hours she sent her daughter out to see the basin, and when the

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