School: Niall Mór (roll number 11843)

Killybegs, Co. Donegal
B. Mac Niallghuis

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1039, Page 288

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Headstone;- The flag that is stuck into the wall on the right hand side in St Mary's Church, Killybegs was found in the ruins of an old Castle in St John's Point.
During the time that St Mary's Church was being built they ran short of stones and there were no stones near hand and the people had to go to St John's Point to get the stones of the Castle to finish the building of the Church. Carts were employed to take the stones to Killybegs and this went on all that day and for days afterwards.
One day while some men were lifting some great big stones they found a great big flag lying under some of the stones and they lifted it up thinking it was the tomb-stone of the great man named Niall Mór Mc Sweeney the owner of the castle. Then they lifted the flag put it in the cart and took it to Killybegs and they put it in the right hand wall of the Church in remembrance of him because the Church was made out of of the stones of his Castle.
After the Church was made, they built this school out of the remainder of the stones and that is how this School got its name Niall Mór N.S. On the flag in

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Moira Molloy
Drumbeagh, Co. Donegal
Mrs W. J. Molloy
Drumbeagh, Co. Donegal