School: Niall Mór (roll number 11843)

Killybegs, Co. Donegal
B. Mac Niallghuis

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A Ghost Story

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1039, Page 222

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One time two boys were working in an office. When Summer came and they received a month of holidays they were overjoyed. They intended spending this spare month in a little cottage all by themselves. Seeing an advertisement in the paper they applied and within a few days were thoroughly enjoying themselves in the little house. But one day as they were examining it they came to a room which surprised them a little, for before entering it, their dog, which they had taken for company, refused to enter, he shrank back as if in fear. Going into it they found a bed and beside it a paper, which seemingly had been thrown down in a hurry. However, they intended finding out the history of the room for themselves. A cupbooard was the only likely place in which a ghost could inhabit so they took the door off it, and that night sat up to watch. At midnight a piercing cry was heard from the cupboard, but going over to it the boys found the door back in its place. Not waiting a moment they fled to a nearby house where they heard the whole story. It happened that one time a man woman and child lived in the house. One night they quarrelled and in the morning the woman and child were found dead and the man had disappeared and from that day onwards that room was haunted.

Kathleen Mc Cahill