School: Coill-Chéim (roll number 9044)

Calhame, Co. Donegal
Seán Mac Cuinneagáin

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Coill-Chéim | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1038, Page 57

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Then lifting it over his head he gave it a mighty cast over the sea. The stone kept on flying in the air and at last it fell on the top of a hill near the town now known as Killybegs. It bears the tracks of Fionn's fingers even to this day and ever since it has been called Fionn's Finger Stone. It is said that when a person goes up on top of the stone he would feel as if he were sailing through the air.

What wears shoes and has no feet? Ans: The road. Why do we buy shoes? Ans: Because we cant get them for nothing. Riddle me, riddle me, what is that, over the head and under the hat? Ans: A hair in your head: Spell a broken down ditch with three letters: Ans: Gap. Londonderry, Cork and Kerry, spell that without a "k". Ans: That. What grows in the wood, sounds in the town, and earns its master many a pound? Ans: A fiddle. As I went up the slippery lane I met my sister Mary Jane: iron feet and wooden toes, she was the girl could chase the crows? Ans: A gun. What is the difference between one yard and two yards? Ans: A fence. Why is a crow a brave bird? Ans: Because he never shows a white feather. What did the monkey say when he first sat on the railway? Ans: Hard lines. As round as an apple as flat as a pan the half of a woman and the whole of a man, Ans: A penny. What is it that gets shoes and never wears them? Ans: A football. What is it that you would not like to have and if you had it you would not like to lose? Ans: Bald head. Why is a tall man the laziest? Ans: Because he is longest in bed. How would you compare a pig in a parlour to a house on fire? Ans: The sooner you get them out the better. You find it in Eternity also in time and place, it was the

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P. Mc Closkey
Casheltown, Co. Donegal