School: Leitir Mhór (roll number 15944)

Lettermore, Co. Donegal
Eilís Ní Bhaoghaill

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The Handmill

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1037, Page 251

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There is a small handmill or quern leaning against the wall. James Mc Loone, who lives about one eighth of a mile from the school, brought to the Mistress one morning. He said his grand-father used this stone long ago to grind corn when there were no other mills. It takes two stones to grind corn. The other one must have been lost as there is only one to be found now. We have mills now for grinding corn, but in olden times handmills were used to make meal. Corn was crushed between the two stones and in this way the meal was made. The handmill was used in this part of the country in olden times. The stone is round and flat and has a hole in the

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Margaret Mohan
Lettermore, Co. Donegal