School: Leitir Mhór (roll number 15944)

Lettermore, Co. Donegal
Eilís Ní Bhaoghaill

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The Leprechaun

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1037, Page 196

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Many stories are told about Leprechuans. The Leprechaun was supposed to be a little dwarf about the size of a man's fist. He was usually a cobbler and was to be seen sitting under a plant or a mushroom working away at little shoes. He was supposed to have a purse of gold and hence people were anxious to catch him, but he was always too clever for them. Once they took their eyes off him he disappeared.
Here is a story I read about a Leprechaun.
One summer's morning a girl was going for a pitcher of water, whom should she see sitting under a bush but a Leprechaun. There he was, with his three cornered hat, trimmed with gold lace, his knee breeches, his jug of beer by his side and his pipe in his mouth. He was singing an old Irish song and never heard the girl until she had grasped

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Margaret Mohan
Lettermore, Co. Donegal