School: Bearnas Mór

Keadew Upper, Co. Donegal
Seosamh P. Ó Ceallacháin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1035, Page 354

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1035, Page 354

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  1. In this district the people have cures for the following – Mumps, whooping cough, measles, sprains, “the rose”, foul mouth, and cancer.
    Mumps: For this disease the cure is the donkey’s whiskers are put on the person who has the mumps and is led to a river or a stream. Here the person takes three mouthfuls of the water and bless themselves at every mouthful. This cure is possessed by children of parents who originally had the same surname.
    Whooping cough: The cure for this disease is that the patient has to go in under the donkey’s belly anad over his back three times. The patient has to bless themselves each time.
    Measels [sic]: Nettles are gathered and boiled. The tea that is left is given to the patient to drink. This is the cure for the measles.
    Sprains: The cure for a sprain is a twisted thread called spraining thread and is tied on the person who has the sprain. This cure is only possessed by children whose father and mother originally had the same surname.
    Foul mouth: A person who never saw their father or mother has the cure for his disease. This person breathes upon the patient.
    “The rose.” The first candle burned over a dead person is the cure for this disease.
    Cancer. This disease is cured by a plaster of herbs. There is only one person in this district who has got the cure for this disease. His name is Patrick Thomas. This cure has been handed down from generation to generation.
    In this district the following people have cures, mumps –
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    Bridget Thomas
    Birchhill, Co. Donegal
    Mrs Thomas
    Birchhill, Co. Donegal