School: Aodh Rua, Dún na nGall (roll number 13382)

Donegal, Co. Donegal
Séamus Mag Shamhráin

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Folklore Stories

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1034, Page 285

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Once upon a time two families quarrelled about the ownership of a house and farm of land. They went(o) to law (af) about the matter. The family that win the law – suit moved into the house.

The other family then began to work some unnatural witchcraft on them. All the furniture, was kept moving Even the dishes and plates were kept moving on the dresser. At last the family sent for the priest, to bless the house. When the priest was finished blessing the house, a large black dog was seen leaving it. The people of the district say the black dog was the devil in disguise.

Patrick Mac Mullin