School: Aodh Rua, Dún na nGall (roll number 13382)

Donegal, Co. Donegal
Séamus Mag Shamhráin

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Folklore Stories

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1034, Page 282

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Once upon a time there was two fish in a well. Nobody ever touched them, becase everybody believed that the fish were not natural and that it would be unlucky for anyone who touched them.

At last two boys determined to catch them. So they went to the well (d) resoled to catch the two fish and to prove that the belief of the people of the district was not true. They caught the fish, brought them home, and put them in a pan. But the fish suddenly began to move in the pan and the boys were terrified. They put them back in the well again.

Patrick Mac Mullin