School: Aodh Rua, Dún na nGall (roll number 13382)

Donegal, Co. Donegal
Séamus Mag Shamhráin

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1034, Page 196

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A doctor prescribed three pills for a sick Labourer, sending them in a box marked, “The whole to be taken immediately”. Balling at the house that evening he found no improvement in the patient. Enquiring of the wife of the patient wheather she had given the pills her husband, he got the reply; “Sure I gave them to him but perhaps the lid did not come off yet.”
Once upon a time a business man said to his friend; “Life is not worth living, it is just one trouble after another.” “But I am going to try out a new scheme.” “I've engaged a young man and whenever I have a worry I am going to pose it on to him and he will have to take care of it”. “Now that is a very good idea, but what are you going to pay the man”. “A thousand a year” said the business man. “what is that,

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Shaun Mac Intyre