School: Aodh Rua, Dún na nGall (roll number 13382)

Donegal, Co. Donegal
Séamus Mag Shamhráin

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1034, Page 153

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Once upon a time a kind hearted lady saw a small boy crying on the street. She asked him why he was crying, and he could hardly speak because of his sobs. But when he told her that he had lost a penny, the kind-hearted lady said to him not to mind and she gave him another penny. But when she went away again, she heard him crying louder than ever. She asked him why he was crying and she asked him if he had lost the second penny and he answered; Oh! No ma'm I've got the penny safe in my pocket, but if I had not lost the first penny I would now have twopence.

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Shaun Mac Intyre