School: Lathach Barr

Ardbane or Laghy Barr, Co. Donegal
Seaghan Ó Gallchobhair

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A Fairy Tale

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1032, Page 338

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There was a man at one time lived in Laghey whose name was Paddy Harron, a tin smith and horse dealer. He had some horses bought up for Pettigo fair. He started to the fair about ten miles from Laghey and so he used to drink the wife took a notion to follow him, so that if he would start to drink she might get the money from him. When she reached Pettigo he had all the horses sold and the money in his pocket. She began to advise him to come home and not to spend the few pounds there and leave them on the shore. He refused. He told her to go home and mind the children that he was for the fair of Deang to buy some more horses. She had to go home. He walked the streetse of Pettigo till it got dark as he intended to walk all night. At night fall he met a strange man on the street. The two started to chat. He told the stranger he was for the fair of Deang, that he intended to walk all night and be in early in the morning. The other said he was going to the fair of Deang; that they both would be together. They agreed to have some

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Tessie Gallagher
Trumman East, Co. Donegal
Patrick Mc Cafferty
circa 60
Carrick Upper and Lower Barr, Co. Donegal