School: Lathach Barr

Ardbane or Laghy Barr, Co. Donegal
Seaghan Ó Gallchobhair

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Lathach Barr | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1032, Page 334

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for either man or beast grows in marshy placed. It is cleaned and boiled and taken two or three times each day. What can be held between the fore finger and thumb is suffered quantity for a human being and what can be grasped in the hand for an animal. Juniper leaves and berries are also used for this disease.
Dandelion another herb going largely out of use was used for Disorder of the Liver and stomach. There are two species of this plant but the plant having having [sic] the finer leaf was the one used for medicine. It used to be gathered in the summer and like the other plants as much of the root as possible taken it was dried in the sun and life aside for use when required.
Lis-na-maca another little heb was used for a sore as a septic finger or foot it was bruised and boiled with fresh butter strained in a cloth and when cool looked very much like doctors ointment. It was put on the sore and after a few applications healed the sore.
Houseclech a plant found growing on watch [?] or gables is still used as a cure for sore eyes. The leaves are thick and juicy. This juice is squeezed into the eye and is a very

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Willie Timoney
Rossilly Barr, Co. Donegal