School: Lathaigh (Laghey)

Laghy, Co. Donegal
Proinsias Mac Pháidín

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Lathaigh (Laghey) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1032, Page 142

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It is said there is a worm in Loch Derg. It is not like a worm you would see in potato ground but it is another kind of worm. 
This worm was seen in Loch Derg. It was round in shape and was seen crawling out on the grass beside the Loch. This worm was seen three times crawling outside the Loch on the grass. He was the name of the Patrick Cassidy who saw it. Some people say that it was Fionn Mc Cools mother’s shin bone. Saint Patrick tied it to a rush.