School: Lathaigh (Laghey)

Laghy, Co. Donegal
Proinsias Mac Pháidín

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Lathaigh (Laghey) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1032, Page 122

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little children. They catch hands and gather in a circle. Then they put one child in the middle and go round saying, Sally, Sally Walker sprinkle on a pan, rise up Sally and choose a young man, choose to the east and choose to the west and choose to the very one that you love best. how they are married and we wish them good joy, first a girl and second a boy, seven years past and seven more to come now young couple kiss and be done.

The children catch hands and go round in a ring saying, Hi, ho, the lily O the farmer wants a wife, then they pick out a wife for the farmer and his wife stand to one side and the children sing again. Hi, ho, the lily O the wife wants a child. Then they pick out a child for the wife and the man, woman and child stand to one side and they sing again, hi

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Lena Connolly
Mullanasole, Co. Donegal