School: Lathaigh (Laghey)

Laghy, Co. Donegal
Proinsias Mac Pháidín

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Fairy Mounds

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1032, Page 116

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The fairies must have liked Mullinasole very much because there are quite a number of gentle spots within reach of our home.
One the hill behind James Likely’s house there are two gentle spots and Hugh Martins hill which lies right above James Likely’s hill there are four fairy mounds.
There is a big hole under the ground stretching from one of the mounds in James Likely’s field to the big mound in Hugh Martins field.
It is three and a half feet deep and it is one quarter of a mile long.
About seven years ago three dogs went down into this big hole but they never came out. People have seen lights about these mounds and in bad weather when everything and everywhere is soaked in rain and dirt these mounds are never wet. And it was noticed that whenever there was a snow-storm these mounds were quite green

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Lena Connolly
Mullanasole, Co. Donegal