School: Lathaigh (Laghey)

Laghy, Co. Donegal
Proinsias Mac Pháidín

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The Old Laghey School

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1032, Page 066

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I have an aunt living in that part of the village of Laghey that is called Rathneeny. Her name is Kathleen Connolly. She says that when she was a child away back between the years 1860 and 1870 she attended an old thatched roofed school. The ruins of that old building are still to be seen lying along the left hand side of the street close to the railway gates and between the house occupied Mr Johnny McMurray and that occupied Charles Kirkpatrick.
She tells me that the school was attended by both Catholics and Protestants. The average was about sixty and owing the smallness of the building, it was about the size of the kitchen in a country house, very often many of the children had to remain outside. There was a boarded floor and long desks like those in this school now. The fire was in a grate. The children wrote compositions and did questions in arthmetic [sic] on slates. The same books were used from year to year

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