School: Shannagh (roll number 8400)

Shannagh, Co. Donegal
J. Hutchman

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Farm Implements

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1032, Page 047

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The implements used in preparing the land for potatoes are ploughs, harrows, rollers, grubbers, spades, shovels, graips, and barrows. A plough is used for ploughing up the land and a harrow is then required to break the lumps of soil and sometimes a roller is used for this purpose also.
When the potatoes are ready for shovelling the shoughs are grubbed with a grubber drawn by a horse. This implement is made of iron with three "toes" two behind and one in the front and it is these that dig up the soil. Then this soil is shovelled up on the ridges with a shovel. The shovel is composed of a long wooden handle and at the bottom is a flat piece of metal wide at the top and narrowing towards the bottom.
A barrow is used for wheeling out the manure on the ridges. It is made of wood with two legs and two handles and has one wheel which is also made of wood but has an iron hoop on the outside of the rim. A graip has a short handle with four iron toes

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Jim Mc Groary
Shannagh, Co. Donegal