School: Shannagh (roll number 8400)

Shannagh, Co. Donegal
J. Hutchman

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The Sly Fox

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1032, Page 005

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Long ago there lived in Carrickbreeny near Bridgetown County Donegal a man called William Hammond who had a boy hired called Ned Weir. They kept a lot of hens and a fine rooster. But as the foxes were plentiful in the district they stole all the hens but the rooster, and in order to save him Ned Weir took him home to his own house and made a roost for him under the kitchen table.
One night shortly after this as he was coming home he saw a fox lying as he thought dead on the roadside. He picked it up and took it into the kitchen intending to save the skin for a fur. While he turned round to take off his coat the cunning fox who had only been shamming jumped up snapped the rooster and ran out with him to the consternation of poor Ned.
The story shows us of the wonderful cleverness and slyness of the fox in order to get his ends accomplished.

James Mc Groary
Ballydermot, Co. Donegal