School: Gortnessy (roll number 7235)

Gortinessy, Co. Donegal
M. Nic Sheáin

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Gortnessy | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1030, Page 333

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There is a moat or mound in the townland of Cullion where a woman named Sabina did penance on the way to Lough Derg. She used to sleep on this mound the night before she went no matter whether the weather was wet or dry. It is still called Sibby's moat.

Fields.—In the townland of Cullion.—
The “Mullen,” (a wet meadow) “Crocamarry Height.” “Monaghan’s knowe,” (a little hill once belonging to a man named Monaghan) “Scabby.” (A field in which are a number of stones, supposed to be an ancient graveyard.) “The Bush Park.” “The Sprout Park.” “Long More.” “Moorehen’s Knowe.”
In the townland of Drumawark.—Fields.—Level dale. Subsoil. Nancy’s Park (so called because Nancy Burnside lived in it.)
In the townland of Tievemore Fields.—Stillhouse Meadow (so called because there was poteen distilled in it). In Sessaskielty. Tory Whistle. Jinken-loop
In the townland of Innisclin.—
Trees.—“Molly’s bush so called because a girl named Molly
Gowdy used to go and meet her sweetheart there.