School: Gortnessy (roll number 7235)

Gortinessy, Co. Donegal
M. Nic Sheáin

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Gortnessy | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1030, Page 324

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When there is going to be good weather the sky is red in the evening
Birds and animals.—
When the swallows fly low there will be rain. When the wild-geese call there will be rain. When the cat lies with her back to the fire it is a sign of rain. The dog eating grass is a sign of rain. When sheep go to the top of the hills it is a sign of rain.

John Armstrong was a very strong man, he carried one cut of meal on his back and a young pig in his arms from Castlederg to his own home in Tievemore, a distance of about twelve miles. He could thresh two stacks of corn in one day. At that time the price was 9d per stack.

James Brown who also lived in Tievemore could lift a donkey in his arms and throw it over a hedge and he could carry a plough on his shoulder.