School: Crury (roll number 3134)

Creevy, Co. Donegal
Martin Keegan

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Holy Wells - St Patrick's Holy Well

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1029, Page 376

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St Patrick was in the Abbey of Assaroe one time and while he was praying on the rocks beach a woman and her blind husband came and requested the saint to restore his sight as they were poor and had three children.
St Patrick told them to walk round and say their prayers. They walked three times round the saint repeating the Our Father and the Hail Mary. The saint was praying all the time and forgot about the incoming tide and the pilgrims who implored of him. He crossed his breast and looking around called the blind man to his side and told him to bathe his eyes there. St Patrick pressed his foot on the rock and pure water gushed forth filling the imprint of his foot which was about ten inches in depth.
That imprint still remains and is filled with sweet, clear and holy water. It was at this well that the blind man received his sight and was filled with joy.
Every year from Easter to Whitsuntide pilgrims come to this well to drink the water and bring some home. Although the well is

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Annie Goan
Creevy, Co. Donegal