School: Carraig na Heorna (2) (roll number 14976)

Carricknahorna, Co. Donegal
Sibéal Nic Pháidín
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1028, Page 407

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1028, Page 407

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  1. One time a man named O’Donnell had some men working in the bog. There was an old hawthorn tree growing there and the men rooted it up and threw it aside. At dinner time the man sent his little son to a stream that was close by for a can of water. He met a little man and the man said “follow me”. The little lad followed him. When the boy did not return with the water the father set out to see why he delayed so long but he could not see his son anywhere around. He then became alarmed and all the men set out to search for the boy but it was of no use the boy had disappeared. At least one of the men remembered about the tree they had rooted and told the father that perhaps they had done wrong by interfering with a hawthorn tree. The father then put the tree back again to its old place and shortly afterwards they saw the little boy at the bank of the
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    Mary O' Brien
    Ballintra, Co. Donegal