School: Carraig na Heorna (roll number 10938)

Carricknahorna, Co. Donegal
Susan Mary Irwin

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Carraig na Heorna | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1028, Page 357

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Red Hugh a king of Ireland centuries before the Christian Era was drowned while attempting to cross the river Erne at one of the fords. His body was swept down the cataract, but was recovered and buried on the summit of the hill overlooking the scene of the disaster. Over the grave was heaped up a mound sufficiently large to mark the grave of a king of Ireland. To the death and burial of Red Hugh the waterfall and hill above owe their names. The former Eas Ruadh (now Assaroe) the latter Sidh Aedha Ruadh (now Mullaghnashee)

Susan Mary Irwin

Towards the close of the 18th century a tall woman locally known as Kathleen Bwee lived alone in a small cottage in the Knather, her only companions being a white mare and a couple of large dogs. She rode without a saddle, and one day wanting to get her horse shod, and the smithy being on the other side of the water, she crossed the river a little above the rapids, hence they have since borne the name Kathleen’s Fall.