School: An Clochar (roll number 14705)

Kilbarron, Co. Donegal
Mother Philomena
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1028, Page 190

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1028, Page 190

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  1. According as the seasons change so do our games.
    The games I play most frequently are :- “Blind-man’s-buff”, “London Bridge is falling down,” “Here are the Robbers coming through,” “Wallflowers,” “The Grand Old Duke of York,” “Hide-and-seek,” “Skipping”, “Sleighing,” “Four Corners,” “The Farmer wants a wife.”
    In Spring we have games peculiar to that season. Skipping is the game girls indulge in then, and boys enjoy their marbles. In Summer, cycling is popular for both girls and boys. Bathing, swimming, and tennis are played a lot in this district. In Autumn nut-cracking, and blackberry gathering are favourite pastimes. In Winter sleighing and snow-ball throwing are our games.
    At parties in Winter when out-door games cannot be played “Blind-man’s-buff” is very popular. One of the players is blindfolded and he or she goes around the room trying to catch some-one.
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    Noel Gallagher
    Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal