School: Loughill

Ballymunterhiggin, Co. Donegal
Eibhlis Ní Mhathghamhna

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Loughill | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1026, Page 214

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leg on every side of the nest. The young ones soon take to the water and are reared on young eels trout or frogs. When the crane is seen flying about it is a sign of rain.

The pigeon is grey with a white ring round her neck and a very small head and a broad tail. She has brownish black feet with three long toes in front and a short speer behind. She has a short strong bill well made for eating the food she likes best. She eats cabbage, plants and sometimes corn. She builds her nest in a fort on the top of an ivy tree. It is a low, flat nest made of twigs with a little mud weaving them together. She lays two white eggs nearly the size of a hen’s egg. From the time she lays the first egg she never leaves the nest. When she is clocking she is very cross. If one went near her nest she would try to fly at one and peck with her beak. When she is sitting on the

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