School: Loughill

Ballymunterhiggin, Co. Donegal
Eibhlis Ní Mhathghamhna
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1026, Page 164

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1026, Page 164

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    supposed to be afflicted in some way for ever afterwards. (deafness etc) One should never bathe before whit Sunday.
    Good Friday – potatoes are set for a good crop.
    St. Stephen’s Day – people abstain from flesh meat to keep away diseases during the following year.
    On Candlemas Day throw candle and candle stick away as the days are getting long and bright.
    On the 6th January the length added to the days is spoken of as “cocks step and the donchill”.
    On St. Patrick’s Day people always start to sow new potatoes.
    Shrove Tuesday is called pancake Tuesday as pancakes are always made on that day.
    Holy Thursday is called clipping Thursday. The nails and a grain of hair are clipped. The hair used to be hidden in a hole in the wall or under a stone.
    A request made on Good Friday at three o’clock is supposed to be
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