School: St Peter's, Phibsboro

Phibsborough, Co. Dublin
Ss. Breathnach

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St Peter's, Phibsboro | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0799, Page 210

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Manann Castle is a well-known landmark int he Farney district Co. Monaghan. The ruin is situated on a hill on the lands of Col. Bolton, just overlooking Donaghmoyne R.C. Church. The Summit of the hill is covered with undergrowth and a thick plantation of trees. On this hill are three small lakes or tarns but they are scarcely larger that bogholes but if local tradition is true they are of almost 'unfathomable depth' There is scarcely any trace left of the old castle save two walls about six feet in height and 4 feet in length and 2 feet thick. It is extremely difficult to dislodge even a small stone in either of the walls. This according to tradition is due to the type of mortar used in olden days. The mortar was mixed with the blood of slaughtered animals which enabled it to resist the weathering of centuries. Many stories are or were current about Manann and his Castle.


"The Eel and the Chest of Gold"

"Manann was a pagan chief who lived in the Castle in the time of St. Patrick. He was reputed ot have kept his hoard of gold in an iron chest in the bottom of the largest lake of the three. Patrick

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