School: Edmondstown (B.)

Edmondstown, Co. Dublin
E. Douglas

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Edmondstown (B.) | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0797, Page 34

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bush or in the top of a high tree. She lays two or three eggs. Their colour is blue.

The Thrush
The thrush is a grey bird. The thrush lays four eggs. Their colour is blue. She builds her nest in a thorn bush or in a tree. The thrush is a big bird like the blackbird.

Historical Events

Niall Dhu's Grave
Niall Dhu's Grave is on the Glen-Dhu mountain. He was killed during the battle of Kilmashogue. He was killed coming from the battle of Kilmashogue. He was buried on Glen-Dhu mountain. Many people go up the the mountain to his grave to leave flowers there and to pray.

The battle of Kilmashogue.
This battle was fought in Kilmashogue a long time ago. A chieftain from

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Patrick O' Toole
Rockbrook, Co. Dublin