School: Presentation Convent, Lucan

Lucan, Co. Dublin
Sr Gabriel

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Presentation Convent, Lucan | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0793, Page 311

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In 1849 the students of the University, Trinity College used to come out to old Esker cemetery when they would hear of a person been buried there. They had muffled horses so that they could not be heard. They came after twelve o' clock when all was quiet. They had search lights and two men watching to keep nix for them. They drove away leaving the grave open. The students used to operate on them and find out their complaint.

The banshee is said to have been heard on the Lock Road about 10 years ago,

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particular spot.
On one tombstone is written "Remember man" etc. The person buried beneath this tombstone is said to have had the wish that that inscription be put on his tombstone. Old Esker cemetery is not used now.