School: Presentation Convent, Lucan

Lucan, Co. Dublin
Sr Gabriel

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Presentation Convent, Lucan | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0793, Page 134

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When they have collected all they can get, they meet at a certain place and from there, start off for the next town. Sometimes they have twenty to thirty caravans and it is mostly children and young boys who look after these.

The famine is believed to have affected this district very much. The potatoes decayed in the ground and afterwards when the men went to open their pits full of potatoes they also were ruined. The following year they had no seeds to sow, so they put down the skins of old potatoes. But these only turned out to be just the size of a marble. The only food the people had then was Indian meal and yellow turnips; with the result that many people died of starvation. After this the Cholera and smallpox broke out among the people (through starvation and bad food) Nobody got Government Relief here and so the people died in great numbers.

Care of the feet.

Most of the boys in former times did not wear boots until they went to work. When going to school, either in winter or summer they went bare-footed. Even girls went bare-footed 40 years ago, but they do not go like that now.
Boots are made & repaired in Lucan by three bootmakers. Mr Dempsey (main street)was the only one for 60 years ago. Leather was never made in Lucan neither were clogs worn.

May Rogers
Lucan, Co. Dublin
Mr Rogers
Lucan, Co. Dublin