School: Presentation Convent, Lucan

Lucan, Co. Dublin
Sr Gabriel

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Presentation Convent, Lucan | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0793, Page 130

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but there were never any competitions held then.

Jack Fagan (Lower Road) supplied the singing, helped along by Paddy Cullen (Mill Bank). They liked to sing and recite their own compositions. Songs:-
"We smouthed the two little Twins" & "When Father Murphy lost His Bran New Sunday Hat". Jack was great at reciting and when he started he would not be let stop.

Disease. Over sixty years ago Cholera broke out in Lucan. Mrs. Carroll (Demesne Lodge Weir View) took it while standing at her door. She was nine days without a drink of water & lying in the one position - for she lived alone. She went black when she took the cholera. The parents of children were often taken, & one woman was probably left to take charge of her daughters' & sons' children.