School: Presentation Convent, Lucan

Lucan, Co. Dublin
Sr Gabriel

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Local Heroes

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0793, Page 129

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Local Heroes etc.

Mr Tom McConnell, Lock Road, Lucan - now just over nienty years of age - was a great stone thrower. He with a group of men often crossed through fields for great distance throwing stones, but nobody could ever beat Tom no matter how long it was kept up.
Before there were any trams in Lucan, the people had to walk to the city (eight miles) for their weeks grocery, they also had to walk back, carrrying their bags and parcels. That was sixty years ago and before it, for the first tram (a steam tram) came to Lucan roughly about sixty years ago.
Christy Gannon ("Blackman") was a great step dancer, sixty years ago. A Mr Johnston - A great muscian - taught the men the steps (dancing night work in the factory) Mr O Hara was another step dancer with "Blackman Gannon". Of course, all the men danced at that time.

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