School: Naul (roll number 1170)

Naul, Co. Dublin
C. Mac Fhíonntaigh

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Naul | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0787, Page 65

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Balscadden (Baile Scadán)

Town of Herring
1. In time of Coach travelling Balscadden was supposed to be a fish depot. The fish was bought from old harbour (Cromwell's harbour) to Balscadden to meet the coaches for transport N. S and W.
2. Others say Balscadden is town of little cascades or waterfalls. There are many in it.
3. Again, others say Balscadden means the mouth of the mountain streams before joining Delvin River on its way to sea.


Holy Wells

St. Mary's Well - Balscadden.
Situated in centre of very ancient cemetery beside school. Well is in hollow beside ruins of ancient church, which was blown up by Cromwell when he visited this district on his way to Drogheda. The well is partly covered by briars but had a whitethorn growing over it in olden

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