School: Oldtown (roll number 7470)

Oldtown, Co. Dublin
M. Ní Ruanaidhe

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Oldtown | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0787, Page 12

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When the wind comes from the North it very often brings rain. It also brings sleet. When it is from the East it for cold rain and sleet. When we see midges in a crowd, it is going to rain. When the sun sets red it is going to be fine.

When the wind comes from the north it is very cold and sleety. When it comes from the east it is cold and misty. Another sign by which we know it is going to rain is the swallows to fly low in Summer. When the sky is dark it will rain. Curlews crying is a sign of rain. Peacocks and guineahens crying is also a sign of rain.

One day, Pat and Tom were riding up a hill on a tandom. Pat was on the front and Tom behind. After a hand push they got to the top of the hill. "That was a hand push" said Pat. "It was" said Tom "if I had not the brakes on, we would have gone down backwards."

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One day a woman was getting married...

One day, a woman was getting married, she took down the glass to see was she all right before she went to get married. The glass broke in little bits on the ground. She gathered up the little bits and she ran off to tell the bridegroom that the glass broke in a hundred bits

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