School: Balscadden (roll number 9492)

Balscaddan, Co. Dublin
P. Ó Séaghdha Francis Shaw
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0783, Page 224

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0783, Page 224

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    Field Names (Continued).
    Canes Meadow is along Potato Hill lane and not far from Knockingin.
    Cross Field at the commons where there are the remains of three wooden crosses stuck in a rock in this field.
    Mettens Green at Grange so called because it was a meeting place in olden times for the horse men when they were going to Dublin market. They carried sacks of wheat across the horses backs, as there were no carts then.
    Danes Bridge near Balgaddy. There is a stream here with a bridge over it in this field some of the Danes are supposed to have reached this spot after the battle at Clontarf. They remained in this district. And many married and settled here.
    Burned Mountain - (Mr Fullams) In olden times there was a famous kiln here and and the lime was sent to far away places. When in operation it resembled a burning mountain or a volcano.
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    Balscaddan, Co. Dublin
    Jane Larkin