School: Balscadden (roll number 9492)

Balscaddan, Co. Dublin
P. Ó Séaghdha Francis Shaw
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0783, Page 208

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0783, Page 208

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    A Funny Story
    During the big war the English people had not enough of men to fight in the air. They had to look for some of the Irish men. One day an English officer was going through this district looking for young men to join the air force. He met a man whom he asked to join it. He said to the office that he did not like flying in an aerploane. The officer than asked him why was want that, he said do you want to make a seagull out of me. The officer said answered "you are a coward", The man answered in a funny way, he said I would fly as high as any man in an aeroplane with one foot on the ground.
    May Russell
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
    May Russell