School: Balscadden (roll number 9492)

Balscaddan, Co. Dublin
P. Ó Séaghdha Francis Shaw
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0783, Page 174

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0783, Page 174

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    "Local Games"
    The children around this district have different games to play every season. In Spring we play skipping. The way to play skipping is to get a rope and then one little girl stand at one end of the rope, and the girl that is going to skip stands in the centre, and two other girls keep turning the rope backwards and forwards over her head. She jumps each time so as to let the rope pass under her feet. Blind man's Buff is great fun for children. This game is played in Spring. One girl is blindfolded she has to try and catch some of the other children. Whoever is caught first is blindfolded and so on. In Winter girls play hide and go seek. To play this game a crowd of children hide in different places. When they are hidden safely then two or three girls come along and look for them.
    Janie Larkin St VI
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
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    Janie Larkin