School: Ring, Dalahasey (roll number 9111)

Ring Commons, Co. Dublin
M. Ní Reachtaire
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0783, Page 42

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0783, Page 42

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  1. Every country in the world has its own local games. But to day I will speak, not the games of the world but of my district.
    In every school all the children get half an hour at twelve for play. A team of children catch hands and form a ring in the ring a boy with a blind-fold on his eyes and the children sing
    "Little red man catch all you can"
    and whoever he catches the blind-fold is put on him.
    When they go home some of the games they play are hide and go seek and tick. The way they play "hide and go seek" is all the children hide except one and that one has to go and seek the others.
    The way they play tick is all the boys run round a haystack or a circle and one of the boys catches them whoever he catches has to catch.
    On a cold night all the children gather round the fire and play games these are called fire side games, the games they play are each boy has a cap or a hat.
    Each one places all the caps on a table
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