School: Ring, Dalahasey (roll number 9111)

Ring Commons, Co. Dublin
M. Ní Reachtaire
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0783, Page 120

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0783, Page 120

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  1. Every District in Ireland has its own strange animals and happenings of which pecular legends have told the most popular of these are know as "The Salmon of Knowledge" found in the river Boyne, and the Valey of the Black Pig. Long ago if any catastrophe was about to take place a black pig would come up out of a bot - it is not known where this bog is, but somewhere in ireland.
    It is believed that before the end of the world this pig will appear as a token that the end is near, now I will tell of local strange animals in my District.
    About two hundred yards south west of Ring NS flows donw the river known as the Bog river because it flows through the bog, in the summer time a monstrous fish appears up on the bank out of the water this fish is a silvery colour, he rests on the bank and if anyone comes near
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