School: Cluain Fhiadh (B.), Carraig na Siúire (roll number 1857)

Clonea, Co. Waterford
Liam Ó Heireamhóin

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Homemade Toys

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0654, Page 95

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There are several toys which boys make at home.

One of the best of these is a conker which is made from the nuts of the Horsechestnut. It is made by driving a nail through the centre of the nut, thus leavening a hole through it. Then a cord is brought through it and a big knot put on one end of it so that the cord won't slip thorugh the hole, and the conker is completed.
The game of conkers can be played by two persons each having a conker. They stand a few feet apart and one holds his conker out for the other to hit it with his one as there is a length of string out of the nut, and so on in turns until one of the conkers is broken. Then the other in is the winner
Another toy can be made from the same nut, by makring a small hole in one end and

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Joseph Irwin
over 13
Clonea, Co. Waterford